Ferguson Township Elementary Parent Teacher Organization

"WE" are comprised of all persons involved in educating our children. That includes you, the parents, as well as our school's dedicated educators and staff.

You're already a member, simply by virtue of your child's enrollment in Ferguson Township Elementary (FTE). There are no dues, you don't have to "sign up," and the benefits of participating (through monetary donation, fundraising, or sharing your time or talents) are beyond measure-for you and for your child(ren).

How does the PTO support the children and teachers?

Parent support through the PTO has funded playground equipment, field trips, school supplies, author's visits, books for both the school library and classrooms, and teacher requests for special events and special materials. PTO volunteers organize school social events such as Roller Skating Night, STEAM Expo, and the Talent Show. These are just some of the activities and events that we support. From the Ice Cream Social that welcomes our Ferguson Family back to a new school year, to the ever-popular Bingo Night in the spring, chances are, if your family is enjoying a school-related engaging and fun experience, the PTO was in some way responsible!

PTO Parent Volunteers

Did you know that we have over 250 families at FTE? If an adult family member volunteered for one hour, that's 250 volunteer hours! So....if two family members volunteer for an hour, that's 500 volunteer hours! Or if at least one family member in each family volunteered for two hours spread over the school year, that's 500 volunteer hours! Isn't math great?!

The PTO is a 100% volunteer organization. We depend on the generosity (of time and funds) of our FTE families to accomplish everything that we do in support of our FTE students. Please consider lending your talents for at least one hour over the school year in support of our students. There are a variety of ways to volunteer! There are several committees and events over the school year that need support and information can be obtained from this website, our Facebook page, or emailing info@ftepto.org.

Who we are

FTE PTO Board Members

Sharon Musser

President - president@ftepto.org

Marley Wong

Vice President - vicepres@ftepto.org

Katie Renaud

Secretary - secretary@ftepto.org

Stephanie Harm

Treasurer - treasurer@ftepto.org